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Tragedy Overhyped!

So, an offshore oil rig blew up, spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  This is most definitely a very bad thing and should be reported as such.  But you need to ask yourself, “Why does the media feel the need to overhype the situation?”

Now, I know what some of you are thinking:  “Overhype??!?  How are they overhyping it?”  You’ll find the answer in one simple word that is now being used universally by all media outlets . . . and in a context that is quite unprecedented.  That word is “gallons.”  As most of you probably know without even realizing it, quantity of oil is always . . . ALWAYS expressed in a unit of measure called “Barrels.”  It’s been that way for quite awhile.  Think about the price of crude.  It’s always expressed as $X per barrel.  How big is a barrel?  Forty-two gallons.  That’s right, 42!  In other words, the media . . .  the same media that has always accepted the industry standard of “barrels” as the unit of measure for oil, and used it as such . . . is for the first time using the word “gallons” to express how much oil is being spewed into the gulf.  Why?  So that they can report numbers that are FORTY-TWO TIMES HIGHER than the numbers that would normally be reported when talking about oil, knowing that the average viewer isn’t really going to notice the difference.

Why would they do this?  Three simple words:  Three Mile Island.  The left in this country is desperate to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and the general prosperity that goes along with such use.  With the BP Oil Spill™, they’ve found oil’s Three Mile Island:  an emergency that can curtail the use of a Designated Pollutant™.

The Watermelon Left (green on the outside, red on the inside) jumped on the Three Mile Island incident as an excuse to attack the nuclear energy industry in this country and abroad, ensuring that no new nuclear plants would be built in this country for over 30 years.  With this new spill, Obama recently announced a moratorium on off-shore drilling, with the blessing of a panel of experts who, as it turns out, were not given the full facts.  Why would he do this unless his goal was to cripple the oil industry in this country?