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I Get Hate Mail

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment

So I got the following drive-by (read: cowardly) comment the other day from a reader calling him/herself Tiger By The Tail:

/ˈtʃeɪmbərlɪn/ [cheym-ber-lin]
1. An excuse for war used primarily by mouth breathing conservatards.

And it occurs to me that it clearly demonstrates pretty much everything that is wrong in the Liberal mind.  Stay with me here:

  • I am very clever
  • I am always right
  • I am a Good Person™
  • All wars are bad
  • None have ever had any positive consequences
  • Conservatives are always wrong
  • Because they are Bad People
  • They deserve to have insults thrown at them
  • I do not deserve and will not stand for such things
  • Conservatives absolutely LOVE war and are looking for any excuse to start one
  • Because they are Bad People

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

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Just a long-pent-up rant

I hope this doesn’t piss anybody off, but DAMN how I hate cyclists. Now don’t get me wrong; I have no quarrel with people who ride their bikes for fun or exercise or to simply get from A to B. And I’m definitely not referring to Bikers here, either.

No, what I’m talking about are those people who think there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with getting together with 30 of their closest friends and clogging up the roadway with their spandex and “special needs” helmets.

It’s called a Bike Rally, and it’s just about the most ridiculous and infuriating thing I’ve ever seen. In some towns, the Police will even hold up or re-direct traffic to allow these . . . events . . . to occur. Shouldn’t they instead be arresting the participants for disturbing the peace or failure to maintain a minimum speed or . . . something?

Now I realize that bicycles are legally “vehicles”, and that cyclists have a right to the public roadways. However, it is clear that this is for those who wish to travel from one place to another using a bicycle as their mode of transportation. And people who do this typically have a legitimate reason for doing so, not to mention a simple understanding of the basic fact that their vehicle is INCAPABLE OF TRAVELING AT THE PRESCRIBED SPEED LIMIT (they also typically get out of the way of actual drivers).

A Bike Rally is something else entirely. It is typically a swarm of W.A.S.P.s, all of whom own an actual car (usually with a “share the road” bumper sticker, though they don’t seem to believe it applies to, you know . . . them), who have so little to worry about in life that they actually have time for this sort of leisure activity (seriously, this one that set me off was at 9:30am on a TUESDAY!!). It is a sporting event, pure and simple (they’re usually even wearing numbered tags on their shirts). And sporting events belong in sporting facilities.

Or should we have the next Super Bowl in the middle of I-30?

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